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Last update March 2016

                       founded 1989

AEA is a grass roots non-profit group that focuses on environmental conservation of the Albemarle watershed in northeast North Carolina. The primary focus of AEA's activities is environmental education.
AEA offers programs, workshops and outings designed to educate the public about the natural resources in the area and about how best to preserve and enjoy them.
Grants and scholarships are awarded to teachers and students in the Albemarle area to promote environmentally sound class projects and college level environmental studies.
 Membership  in AEA costs $10.00 a year and includes a subscription to a newsletter about local and national environmental news and notices about special events and environmental concerns.

Local Environmental Issues

Proposed OLF in Northeastern North Carolina

A discussion of objections to the Navy's proposal to site a practice airfield in Northeastern North Carolina

Updated August 20, 2003

An Interactive Guide to the Albemarle Area

AEA's GreenGuide to the Albemarle

 Points of Interest for Ecotourists and Outdoors Persons

Canoe Trails and Maps

Heritage of the Albemarle Watershed

The Albemarle Sound

The Alligator River

The Chowan River

The Pasquotank River

The Perquimans River

The Roanoke River

A series devoted to the history and environment of waterways
in northeast North Carolina

An Environmental Primer

for Children of All Ages

Nature's Caretakers You Can Be One

How to make the world better for your children and your children's children
Fun for the whole family
Illustrations are suitable for coloring

Gardening in Harmony with the Environment

 Gardening With Mother Nature

Invest in a healthier environment for the future
by caring for your property in harmony with nature

 Going Native

A Guide to Plants for Moist Soils in Southern Gardens

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Help Protect Your Environment

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