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Most of us live near a river, a stream or a wetland. We sometimes take for granted that it will always be there pure and inviting and teeming with wildlife. But the truth is, our everyday activities can damage the health of our waters.

Albe and Marle and their kits, Pam and Lico, see first-hand how changes we make to the land affect the water. They live on the edge of a swamp near your home, and they would like to show you how you can help to protect the environment.

Albe and Marle are smart foxes. They know that the environment needs our help. For a long time we have used its gifts freely. Now we must give a helping hand in return.

It will take some time and some special effort, but if you decide to become Nature's Caretaker, you will help to make the
world better for your children and your children's children.

Catch A Cup of Soil
Don't Be a Sewage Slug
Live By the Three R's
CAN Those Chemicals
Mind Your Manners
Don't Be a Water Hog
Be a Land Lover
Love Your River
Caretaker's Pledge
Recipes for a Healthy Home