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AEA is a grass roots non-profit group that focuses on the environmental concerns of the Albemarle watershed in northeast North Carolina. The primary focus of AEA's activities is environmental education.

AEA offers programs, workshops and outings designed to educate the public about the natural resources in the area and about how best to conserve them.

Grants and scholarships are awarded to teachers and students in the Albemarle area to promote environmentally sound class projects and college level environmental studies.

 Membership  in AEA costs $10.00 a year and includes a subscription to a semi-annual newsletter about local and national environmental news and notices about special events and environmental concerns.

Please print, fill out and mail the form below together with your $10.00 membership fee.
To simplify record keeping our membership year begins January 1st.
Membership renewals should be mailed during the month of January.


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Major concerns or interests (please check):

___ Water Quality               ___ Waste Disposal
___ Native Plants           ___Outdoor Recreation
___ Environmental Education         ___ Wildlife

mail to:
Albemarle Environmental Association
Box 1706
Elizabeth City, NC  27906