Be a Land Lover

Doing things nature's way will help maintain the delicate balance that keeps our environment healthy. At times that means accepting the land the way it is.

Healthy lawns, trees and gardens can prevent erosion, shade our homes in summer, and filter rainwater runoff. But if too much pesticide and fertilizer is used, our waters can become polluted from runoff. Earthworms, ladybird beetles (ladybugs), and spiders will help keep your soil and plants healthy. Bats are voracious insect-eaters. All these creatures thrive in chemical-free gardens!

Be A Land Lover

Caretaker's Checklist

foxy factsSee your Agricultural Exten- sion Agent for suggestions. American homeowners spend more than a billion dollars a year on pesticides. Acre for acre, more fertilizer and pesticides are used on home lawns and gardens than on the nation's farms.